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An Old Faded Picture

"Take this time while you can, just to stop and hold my hand."  ~ "Pull Over"

It all started when a dear friend (RMP) sent me an old photograph. The memories were so vivid and so real that I wrote my first song in 18 hours. I had planned to record just the one song as a gift to my friend, but the picture awakened a flood of creativity in me. Once I heard "Pull Over" recorded with instrumentation I was hooked. I had written several songs on the heels of receiving that photograph, and I have been writing, recording an performing ever since. I was 50 years old. 

It is never to old to follow your dreams. And, on your own journey, make sure you take the time to stop and hold a dear friend's hand and enjoy the glory of this natural world as it all a part of God's plan. 

~ MJ

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