Mike Johnston

American Singer/Song-Writer  Story-Teller

A combination of blues, country and roots sounds that create a rich, warm and inviting musical journey about life and love from the soul of an adventurer, philosopher and seeker.


About Mike Johnston

An American Musical Journey

Mike Johnston has always been musical. Since he was young, he played guitar and sang blues songs. Whether traveling the world in the United States Marine Corps or traveling across the country as a strength athlete, Mike took the joy of music with him. However, it wasn’t until later in life that he began to write and perform his own music.

Throughout the course of his musical journey, Mike has explored a variety of musical genres, and has always believed that humans communicate best when sharing their own stories, hopes and dreams. As a mature artist Mike is a singer-songwriter dedicated to performing and creating studio albums that reach people on a personal level with shared life experiences.



Mike Johnston Music

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