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The Spirit of an Artist!

Along the path of life we meet people that touch us. Even if the encounter is brief, their spirit adds to our own. My friend Ellen Brenneman is such a spirit. She is an amazing artist and a kind soul. She was a client of mine when I worked as a PT in Indiana. I was just starting my musical journey and she was very encouraging. I was able to help her get back to her art. Over the years I have followed her work enthusiastically. When the time came for me to release "This Is Our Love Story" I was excited for many of my friends and family to listen. I was anxious to hear what fellow artist, Ellen had to say! And, as always she was thoughtful, kind and encouraging! Thank you Ellen for my first review and your amazing art!

"So, I've been sitting with these songs since yesterday while painting in my studio. Rolling up my sleeves for ya with a bunch of thoughts: First off - beautifully, soulfully done, Mike!

Sun-Kissed Cheeks is one that I find myself humming over and over again. The melody is happy and carefree, and reminds me a bit of the bluegrass music I listened to growing up; my favorite, for sure.

I love the beautifully simple melody from Back To You; it allows me to focus on the powerful lyrics and heartfelt way they were sang. I really enjoyed the edgy vibe of Rainbow's Edge; a perfect song to end the album with. It was like a satisfying ending to a really good book. " ~ Ellen

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