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My Humble Gratitude and Sincerest Wish...

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Life is often compared to a journey. Literature creates the imagery of narrow paths or roads less traveled. One of my favorite authors, Carlos Castaneda, writes about changing our path if our current path has no heart. So, naturally as our lives change the people in our lives change. We can all think of someone that was so close to us during a certain time in our lives that we may not even talk to anymore. Not because the relationship went wrong, rather the journey of life just took us in a different direction. However, sometimes we are fortunate enough to create something that reaches people, new friends and old. And we are reminded that the people that we meet along the journey, the memories that we make, the moments that we share are the gifts that make the journey rich. To all of my friends and family, I am humbly grateful for your purchase of "This Is Our Love Story" and my sincerest wish is that the stories and the music make you smile and sing out loud. Please continue to enjoy the music and remember our time during life's journey fondly.

Photo by Rachel Pyron

Dr. Chung, Carrie, Alyssa, Kevin, Annette, Linda, Jack, Joanna, Harvin, Daniel, Ben, Melody, Michael, John and Kristen...and of course, the love of my life, Rachel. Without your inspiration none of these songs would have ever been written. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ MJ

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